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About Van Vault

Van Vault launched in 1998 as the UK’s first purpose-built range of mobile security container solutions. The Van Vault Original became a frontline defence for tradesmen to defeat the rising tide of tool theft, thus helping to protect livelihoods.The term ‘Van Vault’ quickly became established as the generic term that tradesmen ask for when seeking secure storage solutions.

Today, Van Vault is based in the UK with its headquarters in Nottingham. With the complete range of products available 24/7 to purchase directly online, Van Vault is accessible whenever you need. If you would prefer to purchase from a store, check out the dealer locator.

As well as the full range of products, you can also utilise a range of services including a replacement key service, replacement of spare parts and access to our team of experts. Simply complete the form on the Contact Us page and a member of the Van Vault team will get touch shortly.

All deliveries are free to all mainland UK addresses and orders will be received within 2-5 working days. For delivery costs outside mainland UK, please contact the Van Vault team at info@vanvault.co.uk.