Van Vault 3 - secure storage which combines the original Van Vault box design with a locking drawer solution for protecting higher priced or fragile equipment such as thermal cameras. Ideal for electricians, plumbers and specialist contractors. Find out more about the Van Vault 3.

Stacker & Stacker XL - these secure drawers have been developed to enhance the existing Van Vault 2 and new Van Vault 3 to create a modular drawer solution, but can be used as stand alone items. Ideal for electricians, plumbers and specialist contractors who want to safeguard their high-priced technology or equipment. Find out more on the Stacker & Stacker XL.

XL - the XL provides maximum storage in a vehicle for tradespeople with larger tools and is the largest vehicle solution available. Almost double the size of a Van Vault 2! Ideal for builders and landscapers who have large powered tools such as power saws and heavy duty SDS drills or users who have long wheelbase vans. Find out more on the XL.

Landscaper - the Landscaper has been developed to meet the demands of the trades tools which are longer and oversized. At over 2M wide, this storage box effortlessly houses the largest of strimmers making if the ideal Van Vault solution for landscapers and arborists.

All of the new products meet the high quality standards of the full range comprising of tough steel of up to 2mm in thickness, anti-drill stainless steel disc locks and tamper-proof ‘no pull’ single pin hinge design to prevent lid removal.

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Stackers & Van Vault 3 Van Vault Landscaper Van Vault XL